Considerations for Thin Film Deposition in Semiconductor Laser Manufacturing

Thin films perform a number of critical functions within semiconductor diodes. These range from forming the optical cavity, to electrical and thermal transport. All of these directly relate to the performance and reliability of the semiconductor lasers. As a result, process engineers tend to specify production tool attributes that they believe are critical to achieving the performance, rather than specifying equipment performance directly.

In this webinar, process engineers at semiconductor laser manufacturers will learn how a purpose-built turnkey solution designed for film performance delivers the consistency and reliability that their applications demand. The right solution ensures production process control and efficiency when manufacturing high-power fiber lasers and QCL for optical fiber networks and other uses. In just 30 minutes, attendees will learn about an all-in-one approach to streamline and improve existing manufacturing process flows.

What the attendee will learn:

  • Why demanding high-power fiber lasers require consistent, reliable systems
  • How to leverage industry-wide knowledge without losing control of tightly held process knowledge
  • How laser manufacturers’ solutions can better support their customers in telecom, automotive, aerospace & defense, machine shops and more
  • What the right partner can do to support your entire semiconductor laser manufacturing process flow, from resistors and metallization to laser facets

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